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infrastructure in the making, that is undoubtedly the best new thing in the world today. thank you very much for being with us tonight. that does it for us tonight. one reminder again, the guest on the ed show tonight is bill maher, which means you should definitely stick around. clean up your mess. president obama calls on law makers to put an end to the partial shut down of the aviation administration. a race against it time when a california teen gets trapped under several feet of sand. and dangerous hobby. a swedish man is arrested for trying to split at tomorrows in his kitchen. very good morning to you. those stories and much more straight ahead. this is "first look."
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we begin with up in the air. president obama turned up the heat on house speaker john boehner yesterday over a partisan standoff that's caused a partial shutdown of the faa and thousands of americans out of work while congress is on vacation. nbc's tracie potts joining us from washington with the details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the president's message to boehner was that congress need it is to cut short that vacation, come back to washington and deal with the situation that has left 74,000 workers most of them airport construction workers without a paycheck for an entire month. this was the faa budget that congress failed to pass before leaving. the house actually dids pass a bill, the senate did not approve that bill before they left this this call president obama called this a lose/lose/lose situation and urged boehner to get congress to come back and deal
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with it so these people can get paid before september. also, president obama with other things on his mind today. he's got a rose garden birthday celebration. he's turning 50 today, but that celebration actually started yesterday. he took some staff members out for a burger lunch. he had a cabinet meeting. and then last night in chicago, a big fund-raiser mixing a bit of business with pleasure. 1700 people, donors, it was packed at $35,000 a plate. this was a dinner and a concert. jennifer hudson performed. the president saying that he was looking forward to celebrating his 50th birthday. he'll be back here in washington today. >> the big 5-0. all right. thanks. overseas the growing hunger crisis in somalia has prompted the united nations to add three new districts to its zones. over the next few weeks, the hunger crisis will spread to the country's entire southern section as well as parts of kenya, uganda and yooet yoe i
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can't. millions are at risk of starvation. violence has prevented humanitarian aid from reaching the hardest hit areas. five months in to the unrest in syria, the united nations security council has condemned the forces for attacking civilians and wants those responsible to be held accountable. this comes following a military assault launch by the government this weekend. it's still ongoing and there are reports of at least 100 dead over four days. since march, assad's are a game has been cracki down 00 protest tors. as many as 1700 may have been killed. and here in the united states, 36 million pounds of ground turkey are being called after a deadly outbreak of salmonella. cargill is pulling its product from shelves across the nation. one person has died in california, 76 others have gotten sick. the recalled turkey was produced at an arkansas plant from february through the start of
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this month. production there has been suspended until the company can determine the source of the outbreak. here i your first look at other news going on around america. a holdup at a check cashing store went horribly wrong for one central oh robbery suspect. the masked gunman failed to get past bulletproof plexiglass he fired several times at it before trying to hammer it down with a gun. police spotted him near the scene and arrested help after they saw blood on his clothing. a frantic surreal rescue scene played out on a california beach after a huge hole collapsed on a teen as he was digging. scores of beach goer, lifeguards, firefighter, they all sprang into action. it took them almost 30 minutes to find the boy under several feet of sand, but they pulled him out to safety. relief from the heat was hard to come by in louisville,
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kentucky, but a water main break transformed a stretch of one roadway into the perfect place to cool down. gallons of water shot towards the helps creating a geyser that may have been a refreshing sight for motorists, but a headache for work crews. it is unclear what caused that crack in the line. handcuffs did the to stop one burglary suspect from trying to make his get away. dallas police put the handcuffed man in the back seat of a cruiser, but he somehow managed to get behind the wheel. his escape plan ended with him crashing into a home next to the one he tried to burglarize. in one was injured inside the house. finally, a connecticut deer created some excitement when it took a dip in an aquarium's seal tank. the deer got in a few lap before zoo officials were finally able to help it exit the water. the animal luckily never came in contact with any seals. and now for a look at the national weather, we turn to
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bill karins with the weather channel forecast. what do you think they would have said to him, bill? >> the seal? >> the seals to the deer. >> if it you want anything, jump in the shark tank. good morning, everyone. the incredible temperatures are the big story in the u.s., but everyone is wondering what's going to happen with emily on the east coast. you have to feel bad for the people in the dominican republic and haiti. still a lot of people living in a lot of tents and they're going to get drenched today. yesterday puerto rico got a lot of heavy rain. we came see a foot of rain in haiti. this is a slow moving storm. it's been inching along last night. this is not what you want to see for an area that that's as impoverished as this island. as far as the forecast goes, we still have to watch south florida and the bahamass. things are looking more encouraging emily will turn away from south carolina and florida, so your forecast has improved
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but anyone along the florida east coast, the storm should be closest to you come sun up saturday and all during the day saturday, probably wind and rain. but then the storm should hook and curve away from the eastern seaboard. so right now it looks like possibly florida's problem on saturday. and that will be about it. not a huge hurricane or anything, so just a rainy, gloomy day, which by florida standards and because of the drought would tually be welcome. yesterday this was off the charts. we've been talking about a hot summer. we were 114 degrees in little rock. it was hotter than phoenix, arizona at 111. this 114 w the hottest temperature ever in little rock. dallas was right behind it, 109. we still have heat warnings in effect for 13 different states this morning. advisories continue all the way through georgia and the carolinas. so today just like yesterday. the difference will be in some areas kansas, missouri, also down through ten seen, northern
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alabama, we got thunderstorms this morning and ena big one that's roing straight south going to hit jasper and it looks like birmingham alabama here shortly. so the forecast, we will have thunderstorms in the forecast in the southeast, but the heat is the big story. and that's also some good news out there as far as great weather. we'll bring you that northeast forecast coming up a little later. stocks come back. more fed stimulus could be on the way. and proof that money can't buy you taste. your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. a trifecta, a walkoff and trouble for alex rodriguez. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ woman ] welcome back, jogging stroller.
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welcome back to "first look." here are some of the top stories making news this morning. france has approved the extradition of manuel antonio noriega. the former dictator of panama to his native country where he has been sentenced to three 20-year prison terms.
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he has been jailed in france over a money laundering charges. before that he served time in miami on charges that included cocaine trafficking. a new study finds that a healthy diet is an expensive one. government guidelines call for eating more foods containing potassium, vitamin d, and calcium. the journal says that would add hundreds of dollars to anyone's annual grocery bill. it points out 49 million americans must make food choices based on cost. a swedish man who has been arrested after trying to set up a nuclear reactor in his home says it was just a hobby. realizing his experiments might not be legal, the 31-year-old who blogged about his tests, sent a question to a government agency. the agency alerted police. a new study in the journal nature says the earth may have one of two moons that slammed into each other to create one. scientists say an explosion could explain why the two sides
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of the moon are so different. and, finally, a peacock that escaped from new york's central park zoo is home again. yesterday the bird flew back to the zoo all on its own. now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,896 after adding 29 points yesterday. the s&p inched up six, and the nasdaq gained 23. taking a look at overseas trading. in tokyo the nikkei rose 22 points, but in hong kong the hang seng fell 107. well, stocks certainly made it out of the run yesterday what would have been the dow's longest losing streak since 1978. markets started off lower thanks to fresh data showing that the service sector grew at its slowest pace in nearly a year and a half. more bad news on the job front came from the labor department's june tally of early unemployment rates. on the street today, traders will be looking for signs of
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improvement from weekly jobless numbers and retail sales reports. earnings from kraft and linkedin are also on deck. gold futures are pushed another record high. some traders in a report said three former fed directors said the central bank should consider a new round of economic stimulus to resurrect some optimism. the big driver came from the tech sector with research in motion leading the way after unveiling two new touch screen blackberry smartphones. mastercard got a boost and media companies comcast, the owner of this network, time warner, and cbs also beat the street's earnings estimates. activision blizzard did well due to its call of duty game. facebook will give advertisers more access. finally, what do bill gates, steve jobs, and mark zuckerberg all have in common?
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they top gq's list of worst dressed men in silicon valley. the resident crisis may be behind us, but the nation's economy is far from healthy. last night michael eric dyson who guest hosted the ed show asked bill maher if he thinks some democrats are becoming disillusioned with president obama's leadership. >> i think for a lot of people who like obama, and we always will like obama, we love him as a person, you know, he's such a breath of fresh air as a president, a hip, smart law professor. but there's just something missing there as far as the way he fights back. unless he's just more conservative than we thought. but whatever it is, i have to tell you, the magic is gone after the bush tax cuts, after he he rolled over on that and a number of other things.
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and this latest one, he has no credibility with me. i mean, i heard him the other day getting right back on the podium saying, well, now we need tax increases, he with need to get some revenues and those corporate jet owners and the oil companies. it's like wait a second, i just heard this for three months and you gave up on all of it and didn't get any of it. why would you get it now? why would the bully now give you cha you want? lean forward with the ed show week nights at 10:00 p.m. only on msnbc, the place for politics. a new study found those who live to around 100 are no more virtuous than the general population when it comes to bad health habits leaving research to believe genes are mostly responsible for longevity. for more information on this and other health story, you can head to the web at
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welcome back to "first look." in sports, alex rodriguez is
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known for his hollywood lifestyle off the field, but a-rod's tinseltown ways may have caught up with him. here's mario solis. hi there. good morning. alex rodriguez is no stranger to controversy, and now you can add gambling to the list. major league baseball is looking into allegations that a-rod took part in illegal underground poker games where there was recreational drug use and violence. he could face a possible suspension. alex is rehabbing his knee, so he didn't play against the white sox. the yankees did fine without him. his replacement chavez hit his first homer of the season. who needs a-rod? yankees win 18-7. another day, another homer for another day, another homer for another day, another homer for another day, another homer for the indians jason. it's just his fourth of the year, but he has hit all of them in the game. that's a good average. jacoby elsbury has a good thing going.
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won tuesday game with the single, and this one with the solo shot. red sox beat the indians 4-3. former nfl star and actor bubba smith passed away yesterday. he was the top pick in the 1967 draft, and also won a super bowl with the colts in 1971. he is probably best known for his role as moses hightower, the soft spoken officer in the police academy series. it's believed he died of natural causes. bubba smith was 66 years old. great goal so to show you from the pitch. marco fabione with a thing of beauty. the bicycle kick. he extends one of the best clubs in the world 4-1. finally, back to the diamond where the brewers casey mcgehee hit not one, not two, but three homers against the cardinals. that is baseball's version of a hat trick. milwaukee doubled up st. louis 10-5. what do you get for that? how about a shaving cream pie in the face? now head to the showers, casey. you need to cool off after a scorching hot day at the plate. that's your look at sports on i'm mario solis. now for another quick look at the weather, here is bill karins. did you see that kick?
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>> that was pretty cool. >> that was amazing. and i know you're a big soccer fan. >> i do enjoy a good match. those are rare. go to youtube and go to room any's bicycle kick. it was really good. as far as temperatures, we're a little cooler. the rain moved in to aerts like new york city and philadelphia last night. cooler also in d.c. yesterday. so temperature its have relaxed. we're not seeing the scorching summer heat anymore. more typical august weather in new england. still going to be mild, but today we'll start off with clouds in most areas and then the sun will break out ever so slowly. but do prepare for a cloudy morning and a few sprinkles rolling down the hudson valley, but that's about it as far as wet weather goes. forecast for today, cloudy early, more sun late, temperatures in most areas will be right around 80 degrees. d.c. around 88. should feel okay. 82 in pittsburgh. and baltimore and philly, too.
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no big huge warm-up in sight, so looks like we may be past some of our really sben summer heat. and ena look at friday shows temperatures in the low to mid-80s just about everywhere, so should be a really nice pattern heading in to this upcoming weekend. where it's not so nice and where there is no sign of any relief is still down around areas like dallas. it will cool off ever so slightly, but we go from 109 to about 103 over the upcoming weekend. remember, our streak is now into the low 30s for days consecutive above 100 degrees. all-time record was 1980 of 42 days. so we'll be less than a week away from one of hottest summers ever in areas around dallas. and all through that area, wichita falls, oklahoma city, hers all in the same boat. >> thanks for that, bill. appreciate it. well, kate middleton faces the scarier sign of royal life. plus a choppy end to one of tv's
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welcome back to "first lo " look". to some people, especially younger viewers, a telethon just isn't a telethon without jerry lewis. despite plans for lewis to make one final appearance, his 45th as host of the muscular dystrophy marathon fundraiser. the organization suddenly and mysterious announced last night that lewis will not appear this year. he is also out as the organization's national chairman. with lewis at the helm, the telethon has raised over $2
2:28 am
billion through 900 hours of live broadcasts and has become a labor day weekend tv institution. elsewhere england's sun reports that special forces have trained kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge on how to survive a kidnap attempt. she was also trained in escape driving and sending coded messages. speaking of kate, she heads up this year's international best dressed list from "vanity fair". she's joined by, among others, michelle obama and first-timers justin timberlake and colin firth, and i believe that brian williams also made that list. he's been inducted in it to the best dressed hall of fame. >> that's lofty territory. >> lady gaga is on there and then there are some strange ones. i don't see you, i don't see me unfortunately. >> and you won't. not me. i don't know about you.
2:29 am
>> next year. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned because "way too early" with willy geist starts right now. have aer risk thursday. president obama turns 50 and he began the celebration last night at a fund-raiser in chicago where he attempted to convince the paying guests that he's got an answer for turning around the economy before november of 2012. the question is, how does the presidented answer over the next year the republican question is this the best we can do? meanwhile, just as congress was patting itself on the back for a debt deal well done and heading to the beach, a new fight intensifies over a partial shutdown of the federal aviation administration. can congress pass a bill that will ensure the safety of american's airlines. and passenger league baseball wants to know how about a report that alex rodriguez plays in sketchy

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